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Application guide

Application guide

  • DKbiz * Company Hall

    - Cash Payment

    1. Download and fill out the Application form and upload to hompage or e-mail
    2. Companies confirmed for participation after application evaluation wire participation fee via bank deposit.
    ※ Results will be notified after the application evaluation period.
    ※ The application fee must be paid after application evaluation.


Category Date
Super Early Bird Recruitment Deadline 2 Jan ~ 29 Feb
Application Evaluation 1 Mar ~ 15 Mar
Early Bird Recruitment Deadline 1 Mar ~ 30 Apr
Application Evaluation 1 May ~ 15 May
RegularApplications Recruitment Deadline 1 MAY ~ 30 Jun
Application Evaluation 1 Jul ~ 15 Jul
Participation fee payment Participation fee to be sent within 15 days of participation confirmation. ※ The application fee must be paid after application evaluation.
Booth construction and Exhibit setup 5 ~ 6 Oct 2020
Exhibits are removed and Exhibition booths are deconstructed 11 Oct 2020

Booth Type

Independent Booth Standard Booth
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