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Event Overview

  • 윤주현

    President Korea institute of
    Design Promotion

    Eune Ju Hyun

  • Since the pandemics, digital means of communication such as video conferencing, online concerts, digital exhibitions, and VR/AR have become the ‘new normal’, leading to the era of ‘Digitact’ (Digital + Contact). The Korea Institute of Design Promotion presents a Digital & Green New Deal Blueprint, in line with the Korean government's policy through Design Korea Festival 2020 (DKfestival 2020), the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) of the design community.

    ​In the 19th century, a cholera map of John Snow saved London, and now real-time information provided by apps is preventing the spread of COVID-19. The design visualizes data and carries out the role of a communicator that connects people with the 4th industrial revolution technologies. Thus, the theme of DKfestival 2020 is ‘Design Beyond Data’ to highlight data, the core power of the ‘Digitact’ era. Followed by ‘K-DESIGN DNA (2018)', which laid the foundation for design archiving, and ‘Digital Transformation (2019)', which foretold the era of the significant digital shift, you will be able to experience firsthand at DKfestival 2020 how design creates new value and leads innovation through effectively utilizing raw data.

    Additionally, the role of design that has evolved over the past 50 years since the establishment of the Korea Institute of Design Promotion in 1970 will be presented as a ‘Design Archive’, as well as a vision for the next half-century. The audience will be able to view the past, present, and the future of design at once. There will be different programs prepared, including ‘DKbiz’ for companies to explore global business opportunities, ‘DKconference’ where leading designers share their insightful perspectives, ‘DKjobfair’, connecting prospective designers with the industry, and ‘DKexhibiton’ displaying the current design issues and trends.

    DKfestival 2020 will suggest future concepts of design and lead domestic and international design trends. Experience the future ahead of us ahead of time at DKfestival 2020.

    Thank you.